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  •  Hello friends today I came here to share my opinion on Samantha last film “RAJU GARI GADGHI”.

This story is fantastic and the performance of Samantha, nagarjuna, comedians are out standing. The cinematography is also very good. When coming to the comedy part, this movie is excellent but when coming to the horror part this movie don’t have a single shot in which audience will feel fear In this movie the the sceneries are beautiful and this movie is the best movie to go and watch with families.many many actors are there

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in this movie and each of them have their special role in the movie. While the Nagarjuna is a mentalist he can read through minds and can easily what is there in the minds of others by just seeing in their eyes or just touching them.

Samantha is a topper in law collage who is loved by a guy who is loved by a girl who is daughter of principal of that collage in which Samantha, guy and a girl are studying law final year.the friend of Samantha who is loving the guy made a cheap thing which resulted in the death of Samantha. At last we can say this is a great movie.this movie will also give a message to the youth.every one should watch this movie definitely

  •  Raju gari gadhi 2 is all about the soul which wants to finds the conspiracy behind her death.

The main asset of the film is nagarjuna garu who carried the whole film with an ease and made an impact to the movie and next too Samantha just nailed her role and it would be a strong msg to present generations and seerat kapoor, vennela kishore, aswin and praveen have done a decent job.

Director omkar succeeded in portraying both horror comic with dramatic suspense through out the film.

The next asset to the movie is Samantha who outshine the movie. Overall a decent dramatic suspense horror movie.

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  • I was expecting some power acting from nagaarjuna but this movie is not at all type of horror, it feels a comedy film.  And there is no link between starting and end of this movie.

In this movie it start with 3 friends in a beach hotel for enjoyment but there is a ghost that irritates them and make them afraid and then they call father and he tells them that there is a ghost in the mirror but the comedian laughs at it and all friends run from there but he stands there laughing and suddenly a hand comes from mirror and comedian shiver with fear then he tell father to do something and father tells that there is a mentalist he will solve the issue further the movie was so boring. I did not like this movie.

  • The movie is not good to watch and story was not nice when watching the movie we feel something missing on it.

The acting of Nagarjuna and Samantha is very nice but the direction by Omkar is not nice and there is some jokes to laugh but it is not as good and cinematography was quiet different and we see the routine scenes in this movie.

The acting of Nagarjuna as Rudra is quiet different as mentalist and while watching it we feel some bore in some scenes and climax is simple and and movie ends.

Final verdict is if exceptions with low we can watch movie but normal and mass audience can’t be watchable.


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