Motorola Moto X: Real Review from Real Users

Real Review of Real users…

User 1.

I used moto x4 before one month

But it is a very worst phone I had ever used

This is a very worst phone.

Facebook, instagram was not fast enough,

The system was nothing witn compare to I phone X. I recommend no one should use it,

I feel that I made a huge mistake for buying this phone. it is not a user friendly phone I used and I discovered that after 3/1/2 weeks later, I found that apps are not working and it also heats a lot. Worst battery capacity it didnt withstand charger for atleast one day. Poor graphics capacity and poor sound capacity.

User 2

Hello my dear friends as a user of ths phone I would like to share my personal experience of using this phone. this phone is really very impressive. its all features are very good. there is no compromise made with any feature. this mobile have very good battery and processor as well. I often recommend this phone to my friends and most of the have already bougth this phone. I am happy with it. this is the best phone.

User 3

Like to share my personal experience with Moto X4 with that I purchased a Moto X4 phone from a Shoppe I personally like the Moto G phones but the time comes to me to buy a Moto X4 mobile that the looks of the mobile the quality of camera and the sound.

When I went to purchase Moto G phone I got to know that moto x is available for good price.

I would like to tell you that I purchased a Moto X4 mobile from very well known Shoppe in Hubli.

The Moto X4 is new phone in the market to buy Motorola phone.

I would like to tell you that moto x is a form of dashing phone in the market but the cons of the mobile is the battery is very less and the battery will not support you long .

When we see any phone to buy any product that in specially in mobiles which we should see the battery should be good and the mobile should be Run at least one day and if battery is not good then we cannot able find it good mobile.

The mobile should have the well ?? battery and it should be well enough.

The battery not give you long lasting.

It is big problem of Moto X’s.

The screen of mobile is good and the looks also good the battery is very disappointed to me that I don’t like the battery pickup of the mobile when you buy any mobile you should confirm that the battery should be more and the sound of speakers should be well. You should see all the specifications of the mobile then you can buy a good mobile before buying any mobile you try out you see the review of the persons who got this.

Thank you friends if you like my review and it is very well to buy any mobile thank you.


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